The Stork Society, LLC


Thank you for your interest in our program! We are expanding our registry of egg donors and are currently seeking women from varying backgrounds and ethnicities. To become a donor means you are willing to assist an infertile couple or individual in conceiving a child. Egg Donation is a wonderful gift and both the Egg Donors and the Intended Parents find it a powerful and rewarding experience.



The following are the minimum qualifications to become an egg donor.

Please review them thoroughly!


-        Live in the United States of America

-        Between the Ages of 19 - 31

-        Physically Healthy including Height to Weight Ratio

-        HIV and Hepatitis Negative

-        Free of tobacco/ street drugs/ alcohol for the donation cycle. Urine tests will confirm this.

-        Have a monthly menstrual cycle

-        Not using Depo-Provera, Implanon, Nexplanon, (or similar) as a form of contraceptive

-        Psychologically Healthy

-        No family history of inheritable genetic disorders *

-        Must be comfortable with decision and able to commit to the entire donation process


* ASRM guidelines will disqualify any donor with immediate FAMILY HISTORY of mental illness or depression (other than situational) that has required hospitalization / long term therapy or medication. Some short term anxiety / antidepressant medications are ok depending on the situation. A donor with significant substance abuse history on both maternal and paternal side of the family would also be disqualified without successful sobriety.



Egg Donors are NOT required to live near one of our locations to participate in our egg donation program. You must, however, live within fifty miles of an accredited fertility clinic. To find your nearest clinic please enter your zip code HERE


Please click HERE to download a pamphlet of additional information about the egg donation process.



Please click HERE to download an application that you can complete on the computer and later email to us.


Please click HERE to download an application that you can fill in by hand and later mail to us