The Stork Society, LLC







The Stork Society, LLC is a full-service assisted reproduction agency that focuses on facilitating Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy.


We have been in business since 2001.



**The majority of our 

Egg Donors are willing to meet the Intended Parents and Child! **

We join you in the donation and surrogacy process by recruiting the highest caliber of women to assist you in your pregnancy. We assist our clients not only in the selection of an egg donor or surrogate but also offer direction and support to her as well as coordination of all medical, legal, and travel arrangements for the ease and comfort of both intended parents and our donors / surrogates. We will hold hands with you and your donor, or you and your surrogate, until you are pregnant from the matching until you go home with your baby.




There is never a consultation fee for the Intended Parents.


We work with Intended Parents from both inside and outside of the United States. 

We recruit Egg Donors and Surrogates from all over the United States, mindful of the governing state laws.

All cycles are completed within the USA.




The first egg donation pregnancy occurred in 1984. 

Since that time, hundreds of thousands of these procedures have occurred and produced healthy children all over the world. 


Surrogacy dates back to biblical times. It is not a new solution to an old problem.





Mary Bird




Director of The Stork Society, LLC








Gently Assisting Mother Nature Since 2001